Welcome to Monty's Travels - the adventures of Donna and Phil,


in Monty the motorhome.



In 2003, we had a great idea: to sell our house and move onto our classic

wooden  yacht, "Misty Morn",  with  two of  our three teenagers. Many people

thought we were absolutely crazy but we enjoyed it and have no regrets.


After a few years,  the  teenagers   did  what  they  all  eventually do -

left home. This left us on a yacht which was a bit too big for the two of us to

handle on our own, so in 2009, we sold  "Misty Morn"  and  bought  a  six

metre Ford Herald Squire 400E motorhome, whom we christened Monty.


Since then,  we've  toured  extensively in  the UK and Europe.  I hope you

enjoy reading about our travels as much as we enjoy doing it!


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