No matter how many times we cross the Channel to explore Europe in Monty the motorhome, nothing will ever beat the very first time. It was March 2010 and we stood on the deck of Cap Finisterre ferry, looking back at the familiar Plymouth skyline, and bubbled with excitement - and perhaps a few nerves.



A grey, dismal morning in March!


Those of you who are familiar with the Brittany Ferries Plymouth-Santander crossing will now wish to point out that it is the Pont Aven ferry which makes that crossing. On that particular occasion the Pont Aven had been replaced by the Cap Finisterre, for reasons unknown to us. Whatever the ship, our crossing was enhanced by a bottle of bubbly and some smoked salmon, a tradition we still keep.


      Monty at Camping Pelora, Candas, near Gijon, Spain


We covered a little over 3700 miles in our six-month tour, which is much less mileage than you might expect in what is a relatively long time on the road. We drove west along the north coast of Spain, then followed the west coast down to Portugal and toured along the Algarve. When June began to fill the Algarve with tourists, we left it behind and headed north through Portugal and Spain, eventually entering France near Biarritz. The French part of our tour covered most of the west coast and much of Brittany; we also dipped our toe into Normandy, at Mont St Michel.


              A night-time visit to Mont St Michel in Normandy


You may wonder why I have only given you a little taster of our tour; there are a couple of reasons for this! The first is that I have already written a series of articles which have been published in Practical Motorhome magazine (September 2012; February 2013; June 2013; November 2013; January 2014) check out their website if you'd like to buy a back issue. There's also a link to an outline of the costs of our 2010 tour which you may find useful.

The second reason is that there may be a book in the near future, which would contain full details of our tour, plus plenty of other, hopefully useful information - watch this space!