The fact that there was a summer 2011 tour proves that we survived our summer 2010 tour! Two adults in a six-metre motorhome, for six months and no divorce at the end of it? Not bad!


Nevertheless, we made a few changes on our second tour. For a start, although we sailed from Plymouth to Santander again (with the all-important bottle of bubbly accompanied by smoked salmon, of course!), we stayed in Spain for just a couple of nights, before heading directly into France.


            Monty at Camping Playa Arenillas, Islares, Spain


The reason for this was that we had arranged to do a number of house-sits, at a variety of properties throughout France. Our longest stay would be for a month; the shortest, a week. The idea was that not only would we be providing a useful (and free) service for home owners, we would also benefit by not having to pay campsite fees.

Naturally there were ups and downs to what we refer to as our 'house-sitting summer' - getting itchy feet because we wanted to be back on the road was the main downside. However, we did meet some lovely people, with whom we still keep in touch, and looked after an interesting variety of animals. You may like to take a look at our house-sitting website and before you ask, the answer is yes, there'll be a book about our house-sitting experiences too!


But back to Monty's Travels - again, detailed articles have been published in Practical Motorhome magazine (part one: June 2014 issue, part two: July 2014 issue). And if Monty's Travels Book One is successful, then they'll be a Book Two…


However, I can't leave you without a little information, so here's a summary. Having spent a couple of nights at Islares, a tiny place about halfway between Santander and Bilbao, we trundled through France, slowly heading towards Toulouse, where our first two house-sits were. We then spent some time exploring the Mediterranean coast, before heading north again, taking in the spectacular Gorges du Tarn. Our return to the UK, via Le Havre, was much sooner than planned - you'll have to read the articles to find out why (I'm such a tease, I know)!

So, was our second summer tour as good as the first? It was, although it was also very different. As well as house-sitting, we discovered France Passion sites and Aires, the motorhome-only sites so popular in France. As a result, we stayed on very few campsites, a habit we have continued ever since. After all, why spend your hard-earned money on campsites when you can spend it on fun things - like wine?!


                     Monty at the aire in Negrepellise, France