Winter. Traditionally cold, wet and endless, in the UK, at least. So what to do? Being footloose and fancy free, we could please ourselves, within reason. We’d spent much of winter 2010-2011 in Tenerife (minus Monty) but although it had been a warm winter, it was too small an island to entertain us for a second winter.

Instead, we set off once more from Plymouth to Santander, and within a week, we were on the south coast of Spain. It seemed like the best of both worlds; we had sun but we also had our beloved Monty, who was packed with all our worldly goods.

        Santander looked welcoming on a late October afternoon


Although we'd enjoyed staying on aires in France during the summer of 2011, there was not as much choice in Spain, and we were not (yet) brave enough to try wild-camping. Instead, we trundled along the coast, keeping the sea on our right, and stayed on various campsites.

None of the sites really grabbed us, so we did not stay long enough to benefit from any long-stay discounts; using our ACSI book, we paid an average of €16 per night, and were often charged for electricity on top. We also realised that many visitors booked year after year, well in advance, so we were not able to be as free and easy with our touring, especially around the Christmas and New Year period.

Some sites were great, others were somewhat cliquey. But the weather was good, with plenty of sunbathing and plenty of exploring. We enjoyed visits to Seville, Cádiz, Gibraltar and Mojácar, before settling around the Guardamar del Segura and Elche areas for Christmas and New Year. Pressing on, we took in Benidorm and Calpe, before heading for the spectacle known as Las Fallas in Denia.


                                          Las Fallas in Denia


During Las Fallas,the residents burn huge effigies, to mark the end of a typical Spanish fiesta. Unfortunately, it marked the end of our winter tour, when it started to rain inside Monty, as well as outside - the roof was leaking.

We had no choice other than to hurtle back to the UK, so as to 'persuade' the company who had resealed the roof the previous autumn, to do it again - and properly this time…

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