Although we love living in Monty, we are aware that there may come a day when we want to settle down in bricks and mortar once more, perhaps due to health reasons. The question is – where? In the UK or somewhere in Europe?


With that in mind, we decided to explore the Lincolnshire area, as it appealed in many ways; it tends to have a drier climate than that of Devon, where we'd lived for five years. We also thought that should one of us become infirm, the flatter landscape might be easier to cope with.

Luckily, we were able to tie in this exploration with a round of campsite reviews, for Practical Motorhome's regular feature, The Good Sites Guide (December 2012 issue) We did a circular tour, taking in the coastal delights of Skegness and Mablethorpe, the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, and historical Lincoln.


                           The cathedral city of Lincoln


We were quite taken with Lincolnshire and it is definitely high on our list, should we hang up our motorhome keys and become 'normal'!

Campsite reviews done, we spent some time in Cheshire, visiting family members and having the polyurea sprayed onto Monty's roof. It was a bit scary, as it's an irreversible treatment but we felt we had nothing to lose (so far, so good - no leaks...).

Our next stop was Cornwall, where we did another circular tour, taking in Looe, Bodmin, Padstow and Par, again for Practical Motorhome's Good Sites Guide (May 2013 issue). Driving Monty along some of those narrow, Cornish roads was challenging on occasions, but it's a beautiful county and well worth visiting.



                          Looe's picturesque harbour


We returned to Plymouth and got on with our final preparations; we were due to catch the ferry to Santander early in October. With a week to go, disaster struck; the Engine Management Light came on, so a visit to Vosper's, the Ford Agent in Plymouth, was in order. The bad news was that the fuel pump had failed; the good news was that it could be repaired although we had to to re-schedule our ferry crossing for late October.

But where to live whilst Monty was in the garage? A bit of a dilemma when you full-time; it's not always possible to stay in your motorhome, on garage premises. In the event, Vosper's removed the fuel pump and took us back to Riverside Caravan Park in Plymouth on a low-loader, then collected us when the job was done.

So a couple of weeks later than planned, we drove aboard the Pont Aven and set off for Santander; a Spanish winter beckoned.