Our plans for the winter of 2013-2014 had a somewhat delayed start (best laid plans, and all that!). We'd enjoyed our time in the UK, seeing friends and family, and doing campsite reviews in Cheshire and Yorkshire. Monty passed his MoT with flying colours and we were about to head to Plymouth, to catch the ferry to Santander, when disaster struck.


Just less than a year earlier, Monty's fuel pump had packed up and we'd had it reconditioned and refitted, at great expense, at Vosper's Ford garage, in Plymouth.  Just as we were about to leave Cheshire, it failed again. Luckily, we were still within the guarantee period and Bristol Street Motors, the Ford garage in Crewe, Cheshire, did a sterling job at getting us on the road as quickly as possible. We had to pay up front for the labour but after some negotiations with Vosper's, we were refunded.


         Saying thanks to the guys at Bristol Street Motors! 


Finally sorted, we boarded the ferry a couple of weeks later than originally planned and set off south. Our tour took us through Toledo, home of Spanish steel, and Granada, where the Alhambra was amazing and impressive! We'd originally planned to wildcamp there but couldn't find anywhere suitable, so we stayed at Camping Reina Isabel, about 6km outside Granada. Although the bus stop wasn't far away, we worked out that by the time we caught a bus into Granada city, then the bus up to the castle, we'd be just as well getting a taxi each way. This also had the advantage of being door to door, so we could save our energy for exploring the Alhambra.



          The simply stunning Alhambra in Granada


A few days later, we arrived at the coast - Roquetas de Mar, to be precise. From there, navigation was easy; turn left and keep the sea on the right! Once again, we were heading for Puerto de Mazarrón, where we planned to rent the same apartment. We didn't stay as long as the previous year though, and by mid-February 2014, we were back on the road. It quickly became clear that we'd really missed the freedom of travel, despite the comforts of an apartment.



                   Parking by the beach in Roquetas de Mar 


We spent the next month or so trundling along the coast, first down to Águilas to visit friends, then back up (with the sea on the right!) as far as Benicássim, wildcamping most of the way. We then drove up through Spain, via Cascante and spent a few nights on the free aire in Liérganes, a really pretty town in northern Spain. It's a handy aire for catching the Santander ferry - take a look here.

We were heading back to the UK again; another six months had flown by and another adventure was about to start…