If you're heading to Europe, with your UK-headlamped motorhome, don't forget your headlamp beam converters (AKA beam benders). There are a number of different brands around; these came from the AA. There's a leaflet inside which shows you how to fit them to your particular vehicle. It can help if your headlamps are warm when you fit them, and it definitely helps to have the headlamps warm when you remove them!

This set came from http://shop.theaa.com




 This is a brilliant product! 

Sometimes, when we're on tour, we have to pick up water from less than salubrious locations - it may be that there's only one tap, for example, so there's a good chance it will have been used to rinse the previous visitor's toilet cassette… Adding this tasteless, odourless liquid kills all sorts of bugs which could otherwise be very harmful. We've been using this product since we first started touring (not the same bottle, of course, it does have a best before date!) and we have survived so far.
Priced at around £6 - £7 from many accessory outlets and online - more information from www.cleantabs.co.uk





The law in France has changed as regards whether you must carry/will or won't be fined for not carrying, a recognised breathalyser kit. Regardless of whether you intend to visit France, or what the requirement will be in the future, this is still a really useful piece of kit to carry. One drink too many can cause problems the next morning; with this easy-to-use kit, you'll be able to check yourself before you drive off.

This kit came from http://shop.theaa.com




Monty's headlamps have taken quite a battering over the last two winters, with wind-borne sand in Spain - a polish with this stuff has brought them up a treat! It's a T-Cut type of liquid, by the looks of it. We bought this from a motorhome accessory shop - find a retailer on http://www.fenwicks.info





This Auto Glym Insect Remover did an excellent job of removing the multi-national collection of flies on Monty the Motorhome - with a bit of elbow grease from Phil! We bought it from a motorhome accessory shop - find a retailer on http://www.autoglym.com