Once we’d finished house-sitting near Barcelona (not to mention a long weekend in a hotel in Barcelona, just for a treat!), we were back on the road and heading to France.


We had yet another house-sit booked, this time for a month on a 65-acre property in the Cantal region of France. We crossed from Spain into France on the nail-bitingly scary N260 coastal road, which brings you out just below Perpignan. We then spent the latter half of April coming up through the stunning Cathar area and towards the Cantal Mountains. In May we put down roots for a month and enjoyed our time in the French property; we also had family to visit, which was a bonus.


 The stunning Vallée du Mars in the Cantal region



We had arranged to meet yet more family, this time in Interlaken in Switzerland. We stayed at Camping Alpenblick, a few minutes walk from the absolutely beautiful Thunersee (Lake Thun) while the family members stayed in a nearby hotel - there's little room for visitors in Monty! Switzerland was gorgeous but so expensive in comparison to Spain, or even France.



 A beautiful view across Lake Thun (Thunersee)


Once the family had left, our plan was to head into Austria, then Germany. It was a good plan but by the time we reached Austria, the weather had deteriorated so much that we decided there was little point in staying in a beautiful, scenic country when we couldn't see the scenery! The forecast showed no let-up in the foreseeable future so we cut our losses and made for the South of France instead!


It took us three days to cover the 668 miles from Braz, Austria to Antibes, France. We used toll roads nearly all the way, which cost us €79.50 in France; we had vignettes for Austria and Switzerland. It may have been a long way but it was definitely worth it for the improved weather. Our campsite, Camping Les Frênes, was just a short walk from the railway station, so we used the trains to explore to places such as Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo.



 Posh yachts and high-rise buildings in Monte Carlo


We'd been paying €16.90 a day on the campsite but early in July, the price went up to €39 so it was time to get back on to free aires instead! We trundled along the south coast then spent time on the aire in Mazères-sur-Salat, before heading up and over the Pyrenees and into Spain, using the Vielha pass once again. We stayed for a few days in Liérganes (where the aire is free and very convenient for the Santander ferry port), before making our way up through France, in the direction of Le Havre.



 A tranquil spot in Liérganes


We were due to sail back to the UK at the beginning of September but we decided to return slightly earlier. We'd spotted some uneven wear and tear on one of Monty's tyres, and thought it would be easier, and probably cheaper, to have the job done in the UK.

So another tour was over…