The winter of 2015-2016; what a different one it is for us! I think it will always be known as ‘the winter we house-sat in the UK’.

After getting new tyres on Monty, and being reassured there was nothing wrong with the wheel-bearing, we set off for Plymouth. We met with relatives, watched the Fireworks Championships and collected our posh frocks (for me) and dinner jacket (for Phil) from our storage unit; we had plans for hotel-based Christmas and New Year celebrations. Our next stop was Cheshire, to catch up with more relatives, before heading over to Shropshire.


We'd been booked to look after two horses and three ponies for four weeks, near Oswestry. It was a nice break from living in Monty and it gave us the chance to be 'normal' for a while. The next house-sit was a little less normal; a smallholding, with cattle, a pony, sheep, pigs, turkeys, ducks, geese, chickens, dogs and cats!



 A lovely (secret) spot to park for the night



In between house-sits we occasionally stayed on campsites or CLs but we also managed to find some good wildcamping spots; sometimes they were just convenient, overnight places but others were rather pleasant with nice views.


November found us heading to Hampshire where, after a couple of nights at Selsey Bill, we did a five week house-sit near Basingstoke. It was a beautiful house in gorgeous countryside, with a lovely pony and an absolutely adorable dog, but after five weeks, we were happy to be back in Monty and enjoying the freedom of the road.



A beautiful place to park Monty while we house-sat 



Christmas and New Year were spent enjoying the delights of a hotel in Cheshire and a castle in North Wales, where we danced and partied till the wee small hours. That was followed by sits near Ludlow and in Stanwick, then we returned to Hampshire to the cute dog and pony, before hitting the road again for more adventures...


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